[Jeux Vidéo] Assassin’s Creed Revelation IRL

Ceci est adressé aux fans d’Assassin’s Creed ! Voici une IRL de la version du trailer d’Assassin’s Creed Revelation! et tout ça Made In France :D{jcomments on}

En description de cette vidéo :

This project started when the E3 trailer was first released, but we waited winter to start the shooting.

Thomas shot the video in two afternoons (grand total of almost 7 hours). The first day was enough to do a teaser :

Unfortunately, there was no snow, but we managed to find a nice place to shoot, and we did our best to fit with the
original video with what we had at the moment (which means, no boat, no montains, no Masyaf xD). The original E3 trailer is made of almost 70 shots, sometimes very short, and Thomas did an excellent job to copy it.

You will notice that we love Leandros SO MUCH that he bugs during shots, sometimes with armor, sometimes without. Magic Leandros is Magic

I would like to thank Luc (Ruck), Marc and Bruno, who accepted to be the
bad guys who die several times ! If you were not here guys, this video would never have existed [;)] And to Deyleina, who helped a lot during the shooting.

Also, thank you Ubisoft and Ubiworkshop for your support and your (always) nice comments on my costumes !

We all hope you will enjoy it as much as we took pleasure doing it.


Director : Thomas

Ezio’s outfit : worn and made by Seith and Vela

Guards outfit : Gladiators costumes bought on the internet and customized (paintings, helmets, cape…) by Ruck and Seith, worn by Marc and Ruck

Leandros’ outfit : worn by Bruno, made by Seith

Altaïr : worn by Nightfire and made by Angel and Seith

Iron – Woodkid available on Itunes

To compare the original video and ours, please click this link